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The wide variety of forums provide me with something new to study everyday, so I never get bored and I continue to advance.Plus, the teachers are very professional and well-qualified, so classes are interesting and worthwhile.* To become a JOI member, and reserve the free Chat Events, please first purchase the 3 Trial Lessons.I can both improve my Japanese and learn about other countries’ customs and cultures.At the same time, GDP growth has been stabilising at around the 1.4% Yo Y, with consumption and investment growth in particular contributing positively in the last few quarters.Household consumer confidence has been improving, while retail sales have seen positive growth Yo Y for the last 11 months in a row.Chat events are your opportunity to practice speaking Japanese with a native Japanese speaker.

In the summer, Johan du Preez at M&G’s equities forum discussed how we should not let past experiences colour our judgement of the Japanese market today.Over time, this is likely to improve ESG standards at company level and in particular to reduce the use of complicated cross-holding structures that still characterise several Japanese companies.Although the success of “Abenomics” might be debatable, Japan’s economy seems to be on the right track and the overall macroeconomic picture points towards a benign environment for Japanese corporates going forward.This, combined with attractive valuations, makes Japanese equities an interesting investment over the medium term.The political landscape might be getting more complicated and potentially bring some uncertainty to the market, but this could in turn provide additional opportunities.

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